A Portrait Of Lady Bird

Ten years ago, the original anchor of Sunday Morning Charles Kuralt profiled former first lady Claudia Taylor "Lady Bird" Johnson.

Lady Bird, as many know, championed wildflowers. Now that she has passed at the age of 94, she has left behind a legacy of beauty across the country. Kuralt talked to her about her motivation and how it felt to know that she has made a permanent imprint on the landscape of America.

"I walk by here and I sort of smile and I say, 'Pretty good year,' " she said. "Now there'll be other things."

Perhaps her biggest achievement was to make sure that highways were decorated with wildflowers.

"You know, the highways may be America's biggest monument," she said. "The Romans had their fabulous temples and government buildings. Maybe that the highways of America are one of our longest-lasting productions. There's 74,000 miles of road here in Texas alone."

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