A nice assortment of oddities for your amusment

(CBS News) Are you ready for a nice assortment of oddities covering a range of topic?  Of course you are.  First up, we turn our attention to technology: while some people focus their energies on innovations to make our lives easier, others simply try to find a way to make us laugh or smile. This is definitely a case of the latter. Check out the Ghostbuster's theme song played on eight floppy drives. Yeah, that's right. 

The oddly fascinating performance was posted by YouTube by user MrSolidSnake745, who has been featured here on The Feed a few times before for his floppy drive symphonies of sound.

And next up in our trip down quirky lane, we focus now on the human element of the odd. This airport cart driver in the video above likes to alert people to move out of the way in method that's a tad bit different from the norm. While most people would simply use the horn, he really likes to "toot his own horn" so to speak. Take a look.

And finally we turn our attention to a subject that is near and dear to our hearts here at The Feed: adorable animals!  Specifically, a sea otter named Nellie from Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.  Watch Nellie stack a series of cups while splashing around in the water and prepare to say "awwwww!"  Why? Because it's really cute, not because I'm going to examine your throat.  I'm a blogger, not a doctor.  All kidding aside, I hope you all enjoy this assortment of fun oddities!