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"A Momentary Lapse of London" is a visual love letter to the city

(CBS News) Love can be something of a multifaceted thing. There's love for a person, which we all know so well. There's love for a job, which I personally know well. And then there can be love for the city you live in. That's exactly what "A Momentary Lapse of London" is. Check it out.

The time-lapse video showing the beauty that is London was created by Vimeo user Davide Roveri who writes:

When I first moved to London two years ago the first period of my relationship with the city wasn't that great, I couldn't find a connection, I felt like a stranger and I couldn't feel any inspiration at all. But then, all of a sudden, one night I was walking on the South Bank when a glorious sunset caught my attention and I experienced that beautiful sensation of feeling like home. And at that point, it was. 

It has been exactly like when you meet someone and at first you don't like him/her, but then you hang out for a while and, before you can realise, you're in love! So the main idea behind this timelapse movie was simply to write a sort of visual love letter to the city that stole my heart and that gives me a lot of inspiration every single day.

Having lived in London for a period of my life, the places Roveri captured brought back a lot of fond memories and happy times. What did you all think?  Leave me some comment love below with your thoughts.  And to check out more work by Davide Roveri, you can visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.
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