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#CBSNBusiness: May 19, 2015 01:14

Patent spat. An appeals court ruled that Samsung copied some of the Apple (AAPL) iPhone's patented features, but also said that Apple cannot claim damages for copying the iPhone's overall appearance.

Beer boost. Sales of Mexican beer Corona (BUD) are up 16 percent, even though it often gets terrible marks for taste. Experts say Corona is getting a boost from good marketing.

Door doh! Consumer Reports went to test Tesla's (TSLA) new Model S electric car and ran into an unexpected problem: The door handle broke, so they couldn't get in.

Not kid-friendly? Consumer advocacy groups say YouTube's (GOOG) new kids app contains inappropriate content, like videos with sexual language and drugs.

Speedy delivery. Amazon (AMZN) wants to make good on its one-hour delivery promise for "Prime Now" customers. According to the Financial Times, delivery workers in New York City are taking to the subway.

Solitaire champ? Microsoft (MSFT) is celebrating 25 years of online solitaire, with a little competition. The company will first find the best solitaire player amongst its own workers, and then they'll take on the public.

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