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In this edition of BTalk solicitor Paul Brennan tackles the grave questions around the writing and reading of a will. At the very least, here's a chance to get your relatives to listen to you.

In this rare free consultation he gives the ins and outs of compiling a will. How do you protect against greedy relatives and former spouses getting their hands on your money? Can you put conditions on access to the proceeds --- the plotline for many a Hollywood movie? Is it safe to assume that, without a will, money will find itself in the right hands?

Paul has written an eBook on the subject: A Legal Guide to Dying - Baby Boomer Edition. He says there are few books that boast such a large potential target audience, but which have no apparent market appeal whatsoever (I think my book fits into the same category!).

On the subject of dying, his book includes a classic one liner from Johnny Carson: "For three days after death, hair and fingernails continue to grow, but phone calls taper off". When that's happened to me in the past it was a sign I was about to be retrenched --- maybe next time I need to go and see a doctor.

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