A Holy Roar At The Vatican

the pope at his weekly audience in late June 2000 at vatican city
Revving motorcycles drowned out the usual hymns in St. Peter's Square Sunday.

CBS News Correspondent Charmaine Wilkerson reports about a thousand motorcyclists revved their engines to greet Pope John Paul after he appeared at his window for his weekly appointment with the faithful.

It was an unique page in history for both the Vatican and the Pope, who throughout his time as leader of the world's Roman Catholics has sought to build ties to many different groups and even many different religions.

The unusual event is part of The Jubilee, the Catholic Church's year-long celebration marking the 2,000th birthday of Jesus Christ.

During the Holy Year, all sorts of groups have had their day at the Vatican, from homeless people to journalists to artisans to scientists.

Sunday, motorcycle buffs took their turn, parking their two-wheelers in the square to join thousands of others who turned out to cheer the pope.

The bikers honked horns, raised up their helmets and raced their engines when the pope acknowledged their presence.

Before greeting the pope, the bikers had their helmets blessed.

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