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A bloody incredible iPad Halloween costume

(CBS) - This could be the most expensive last-minute Halloween costume ever.

NASA engineer Mark Rober used some fake blood and two iPad 2s in order to pretend that he has a vast, open, and bloody wound through the core of his torso.

It is, as he says, simple. You tear a hole in your least favorite sweatshirt. You plant an iPad 2 in front and behind. You start a Face Time chat between the two. That's it.

Now, I know what you're thinking... "Hey! What if you don't have any Wi-Fi?"

Because he is a NASA engineer - and NASA engineers have to think of everything - he suggests that should attend you a Halloween party with faltering Wi-Fi, don't forget to put a little hotspot in your pocket.

Some may feel it's a bit pricey to get hold of two iPads. On the other hand, they are so ubiquitous that there will always be those prepared to give up theirs for the night, just to keep their friends happy. We all live to share these days, don't we?

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