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A 4-D View Of Fido In The Womb

Call it womb with a "view." This Sunday on the National Geographic Channel, there will be two specials that give viewers a never-before-seen look at cats and dogs inside of the womb.

Veterinarian Dr. Bernadine Cruz visited The Early Show to explain how 4-D technology is making it possible to get this unique imagery.

"It's like looking at a photograph, looking at a video. So it's absolutely amazing. Even a lot of women who have just had babies have never had that done," Cruz explained.

"It's a combination of fantastic photography, some first-time ever-seen 40 ultrasounds and very scientifically correct visual effects, so it's combination of all of this," she said.

Cruz also said the program is fantastic for children, because they "don't know all of the circles of life. How do you teach them about sex? This is a great way for them to watch it. So many people, the mothers and fathers want the children to see that miracle of birth but there's so much overpopulation, so this way, they can watch it and when it comes out in DVD, you can watch the puppy go in and out and in and out as many times as you want to."

See the full interview, plus some of the unique 4-D imagery, by clicking the play button below:

"In The Womb: Dogs," followed by "In The Womb: Cats" premieres this Sunday, Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel.