911 Call: Help! My Son Won't Stop Playing Grand Theft Auto!

(Rockstar Games)
BOSTON (CBS/AP) Grand theft auto is a crime. Playing the "Grand Theft Auto" video game is not.

Photo: "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" advertisement from Rockstar Games.

But Boston police say a frustrated mother called 911 to say she couldn't get her 14-year-old son to sleep, because he wouldn't stop playing the popular video game.

Police spokesman Officer Joe Zanoli said Monday the mother called for help around 2:30 a.m. on Saturday to say that the video-game-obsessed teenager also walked around the house and turned on all the lights.

Two officers who responded to the house convinced the child to obey his mother.

Zanoli says the mother's 911 call over video game obsession "was a little unusual, but by no means is it surprising — especially in today's day and age when these kids play video games and computer games."

The Boston Herald first reported the 911 call.

It is unclear which Grand Theft Auto video game the boy couldn't stop playing. The series has come under criticism for high levels of violent and sexually provocative content, especially for a young audience.