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90210's Brian Austin Green Is Delinquent On His Mortgage, Too

I love watching HBO's "Entourage," because in the end, everything always works out for Vince, the over-paid, over-sexed movie star hero, and his buddies.

If only everything could work out so well in real life for the celebrities we follow, and in some cases, model our lives after.

Former "90201" star Brian Austin Green is delinquent on his mortgage, following a long line of celebrities this year whose fortunes reversed.

According to TMZ, Brian Austin Green is $70,000 behind in his mortgage payments, though his representative told the celebrity website that it is all part of a master plan to force his lender, SunTrust, into accepting a short sale on the property.

(I wonder if Brian Austin Green, who borrowed $2 million to buy the house, qualifies for President Obama's new plan to pay homeowners $1,500 if they complete a short sale. The $1,500 is for "relocation assistance.")

For those who like to be in the Beverly Hills know, Luxist, the luxury home website, has also started tracking celebrity foreclosures.

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