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9-year-old Fla. girl faces felony charges after school bus tantrum


(CBS/AP) FORT MYERS, Fla. - Talk about a case of the Mondays.

Police say a 9-year-old Florida girl faces multiple felony charges after a throwing a temper tantrum that began on the school bus.

Officials say the girl jumped off the school bus Monday afternoon after spitting at staff members.

A sheriff's report says a deputy saw the girl toss large pieces of asphalt at the bus, hitting the windshield next to the driver.

Authorities say the girl walked away when she saw the deputy. She picked up a metal chair in a nearby yard and threw it at the deputy. When he said she was under arrest, the girl resisted by kicking and attempting to push him.

Reportedly, no one was injured.

She is charged with battery on a school employee and a law enforcement officer among other charges.

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