Preview: The Remington 700

A man convicted of shooting his brother claims he never pulled the trigger. The Remington 700 rifle at issue is under recall

A young man from Enon, Miss., was released early from a 10-year prison sentence he was serving for the shooting death of his little brother. 60 Minutes reports this Sunday that Zac Stringer, who was 15 when he shot his brother, has been insisting for years that the rifle went off without his finger on the trigger.  Stringer, now 20, was granted a good behavior release while 60 Minutes was investigating the Remington 700 rifle used in the shooting. The gun has a trigger mechanism called the X-Mark Pro that has since been recalled by the company, because it can inadvertently discharge.  

Remington has received hundreds of complaints that rifles with this trigger produced between 2006 and April 2014 have fired without the trigger pulled. This information was not public during Stringer’s trial.  Lesley Stahl’s report includes Stringer’s father, Roger, who had testified against his son during his trial, but now believes he’s innocent.  It will be broadcast on 60 Minutes Sunday, Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.  


A Remington 700’s trigger

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