50 most valuable sports teams: NFL teams abound

Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys have reason to celebrate: the team is the most valuable NFL franchise, according to Forbes. Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Anyone sympathetic to NFL owners in the current labor dispute might want to check out Forbes' new list of the most valuable sports teams (dollar-wise) in the world.

Every single NFL team makes the list - led by the Dallas Cowboys (worth $1.81 billion) who rank second overall.

While a soccer team (Manchester United) claims the top spot (worth $1.86 billion by Forbes' account), no other sports league comes even close to the NFL's value on an individual team-basis.

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The Redskins, Patriots, Giants, Texans and Jets all crack the top 10. The only baseball team to make the top ten is the Yankees (no. 3). The highest ranked NBA team? The Knicks rank 47th with a piddly valuation of $655 million.

Soccer has eight teams in the top 50 while baseball has six - although the disparity between the Yankees and the second-highest valued team (the Red Sox) is astonishing: The Bronx bombers are 86 percent more valuable than the BoSox, who rank 31st on the list.

One can only wonder if the NFLPA is using these latest figures to reinforce their position as lockout negotiations drag on in New York City.

After all, according to Forbes, even the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 45 on the list) are more valuable than the perennial NL pennant contenders Philadelphia Phillies, who rank no. 50.


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