5 Reasons Stocks may be Undervalued

Last Updated Sep 6, 2011 2:51 PM EDT

It's very unlike me to be an optimist. In fact, earlier this year, I wrote 5 reasons stocks are overvalued, which were:
  1. Stocks have recovered but the economy hasn't.
  2. Stock prices have increased 106 percent.
  3. Experts were predicting a great 2011.
  4. Money was flowing back into stock mutual funds.
  5. Bonds scared me as rates can't fall below zero.
Obviously, four out of five of these signs are no longer the case. And though I'll offer my usual disclaimer that this is not a prediction, there are some very hopeful signs that are giving me courage to buy into this stock market now.

Here are the five reasons I'm turning into an optimist:

Turn the page for reason 1: AFTERSHOCK

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