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​5 fitness trackers that make great gifts

CNET gift guide: Fitness trackers 01:45

New offerings on the fitness tracker market could make great gifts for friends and family -- and kids and pets, too. CNET's Sumi Das found five fitness bands that up the information ante.

Fit and smart

The Fitbit Charge ($140) replaces the discontinued Fitbit Force, but with one major upgrade: call notifications. Like its predecessor, it has basic sleep and step tracking and a clock readout. But this version adds caller ID to the mix.

The Charge doesn't track heart rate, but Intel's Basis Peak ($200) does. Strap it on and it immediately starts analyzing your heart rate and sleep data to help you set healthy goals. The battery lasts about a week and you can wear it in the shower.

For the person who wants all the trimmings, the Microsoft Band ($200) is a fitness tracker, smart watch and personal trainer all in one. In addition to measuring heart rate and sleep, this band also gets weather notifications, senses UV radiation and runs you through downloaded workouts. You can even pay for drinks at Starbucks with a QR code. It works with iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Fun and playful

Kids won't even realize they're exercising as they complete challenges on the Leapfrog Leapband ($40). The device -- which comes with parental controls -- gives kids a virtual pet that they need to take care of by being active and playing games.

And for your real pet, there's the Whistle Activity Monitor ($99). It attaches to your dog's collar and tracks how much he walks, plays and rests, sending updates to your phone so you can keep tabs on Fido even when you're not at home.

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