39 Podcasts Guaranteed to Make Your Commute Less Stressful

Last Updated Jan 19, 2011 2:10 PM EST

To run a business is to be perpetually stressed out. But you know what? It's impossible to feel stress when you're laughing.

Alas, it's not like you can schedule laughter into your day. Or can you? Instead of listening to depressing news or boring old music during your daily commute, why not tune into some comedic podcasts? That way you can start (and/or end) your day with the awesome endorphin rush that comes from cracking up.

Ah, but where do you find the funny stuff? Funny you should ask: Splitsider's Joe Berkowitz just released a list of 39 comedy podcasts, most of them free, all of them guaranteed to turn your frown upside-down. Here's a sampling:

40 Year Old Boy is the brainchild of one Mike Schmidt. He describes it as "a brutally funny and profane steam-of-conscious monologue about my life" and he is not wrong.

Funemployment Radio is the project of two former radio hosts from Portland who turned their stint at unemployment into a popular comedy podcast.

How Did This Get Made is Paul Scheer's brand new weekly podcast devoted to deconstructing the abysmal failure movies that are currently stinking up a theatre near you. His co-hosts are Jason Mantzoukas (who co-stars with Scheer on The League), and June Diane Raphael.

I must admit, I'd never heard of most of these, so I feel like I've just discovered a treasure-trove of comedy goodness.

But where is Ricky Gervais on this list? Maybe Berkowitz figures everybody already knows how hysterical Gervais is, so his podcast is simply a given. Anyway...

I can't recommend comedy podcasts highly enough. They're free (most of them, anyway), they're plentiful, and they're always good for a few laughs -- if not more than a few.

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