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"30 Rock" Star Reveals Surprise Wedding

This article was written by's Ken Lombardi

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: Spring is in the air, and a wedding may be approaching for at least one of the characters on NBC's acclaimed Tina Fey-starring sitcom, "30 Rock."

In an exclusive interview with, actor Kevin Brown (a main cast member who portrays "Dot Com," the assistant to Tracy Morgan's character) partially revealed what viewers should expect to see during the upcoming fourth season finale, which has already been taped.

"We filmed the season finale two weeks ago. I know everything that's going to happen," Brown further teased, "Somebody is going to get married..."

While such a revelation could be lost to the casual viewer, Brown's statement regarding weddings on the show could mean a lot to avid fans who frequently watch the program.

Over the course of the last several episodes which have aired, Fey's protagonist character Liz Lemmon (the head writer of a fictional NBC sketch program) has been pursuing a man who she met while under the influence of anesthesia and who she labels as Future Husband in her cell phone contacts. In fact, that episode which aired on March 11 was titled "Future Husband." Lemmon has also recently encountered a former flame who plans to soon get married and has invited her to the event.

Brown's hint at the season finale was not a minor disclosure about a guest star or a recurring character. The actor specifically said that a main cast member will be walking down the aisle. But, the question still remains as to who Brown was referring to on "30 Rock."

Could it be Jane Krakowski's wacky character, Jenna? While not currently in a relationship, she has been known to make rash spur-of-moment decisions. What about the hopelessly naïve page, Kenneth? Yes, this is an unlikely choice, but season finales are known for shocking moments. Then there's Tracy Morgan's shamelessly narcissistic Tracy Jordan. Could he be marrying himself?

Let's not forget the potential between Tina Fey's Liz Lemmon and Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy...ew. However improbable such a union between the two may sound, those plutonic "Will they? Won't they?" relationships have been a staple throughout Television (i.e. Jim and Pam on "The Office" or Ross and Rachel on "Friends"), especially on NBC sitcoms.

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