What would kids do as president?

If kids were president
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After making history as the first female presidential nominee of a major party Tuesday, Hillary Clinton delivered an empowering message to little girls everywhere.

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That day, nearly 3,000 students came to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to attend a creative writing class, organized by Mighty Writers -- a non-profit dedicated to teaching kids to think and write with clarity. Their assignment was to complete an essay on what they'd do if elected president.

After finishing their essays, several of the students shared what they would vow as president, reports CBS News correspondent Mo Rocca.

"If I was president, those in poverty will have a home to live in, food to eat, and a good school to go to," said Lucinda.

"I would upgrade the security for the banks and the prisons, so all the prisoners couldn't get out," said Allen, who also said he'd pick his mom to be his vice presidential running mate.

"Well, I'm going to lead the country in a good way and make sure everyone is treated the same way," Lucy said.

"I would try to create world peace. And I would stop all the racism... because people get offended by their race a lot and I would want to fix that problem," Phoebe said.

The kids also had big imaginations about the events they'd host at the White House.

"What would people eat at the first White House dinner?" Rocca asked.

"They will have my favorite dinner, what my grandma makes," Ella said. "Well it's always meat, sometimes corn and gravy, mashed potatoes - I don't eat the mashed potatoes."

"At the White House, they have state dinners where world leaders come. If you're going to do your own cooking, then are you prepared to be making meals from all around the world?" Rocca asked.

"Yes, I will of course have help from my family and that but... I'll make every - like, a lot of things like seafood dishes."

"What will you make for the Mexican president when he visits?" Rocca asked.

"I will not make Mexican food for him so then he can try something different," Lucy said.

Some kids got even more specific. Ella picked Singapore as her first international destination as president. Phoebe even knew who'd be the lucky person to visit her first at the White House.

"Well, I like Selena Gomez. She's a really good singer," Phoebe said.

The first woman to clinch the nomination of a major party, Hillary Clinton now faces just one opponent for the White House. But no matter the outcome, Phoebe said she'd be welcome to visit.

"And I would invite Hillary Clinton too. I really admire her and her work," Phoebe said.

"And if she doesn't win this election, she'll probably appreciate an invitation," Rocca said.

"Yeah!" Phoebe said.