"2 Broke Girls" star Beth Behrs pushing the envelope

Actress Beth Behrs on “2 Broke Girls,” co... 03:56

Beth Behrs, alongside Kat Dennis, began her fourth season on the CBS hit series "2 Broke Girls." Behrs plays Caroline Channing, one half of show's pair that met working in a Brooklyn diner and bonded over being broke.

This season, Behrs' character, a school-smart socialite who lost it all after her father's involvement in a Wall Street scandal, is pushing the envelope.

"I think we just keep pushing it every year," she said on "CBS This Morning." "But you know, it's still got the heart and the relationship between the two girls."

In an episode yet to air, Behrs said she and Kat end up fighting two other girls in a vat of dye.

"We get into this huge physical comedy bit, and it really did seem kind of like a throwback to Lucy and Ethel," she said.

Previously, the broke duo tried to make ends meet with a cupcake business. But now they're moving into a new venture.

"They are cupcake t-shirts ... so I guess they're technically fashion designers now, too," Behrs said. "Big old cupcake t-shirts that are actually really cool and kind of rocker looking."

She also hinted at developing relationship brewing between characters Oleg and Sophie.

"They actually have a new, romantic, leading-to-something storyline," she said.

Off the show, Behrs has begun planning her own business venture.

"I've sung my whole life and the songwriting thing is a new endeavor that I just started going to Nashville and working on."