15-year-old Regina Mayer and her jumping cow "Luna" make headlines in Germany (VIDEO)

(CBS) - In our last post I presented to you a tongue-in-cheek video of a man named Flula bouncing around Germany. In a twist of serendipity, this post and the video above happen to be about a cow named Luna quite literally jumping around in Germany.  Prepare for an adorable overload.

15-year-old Regina Mayer had hoped to one day have a horse to train and ride, but that never came to pass. So instead she took lemons and made lemonade in the form of a cow the family owned named "Luna."

As the Daily Mail reports, the resourceful teenager out of Laufen, Germany, spent months successfully  training her cow to jump hurdles just like a horse. Will we one day see Luna in the Kentucky Derby?  Probably not.  But the story is adorable, the jumping impressive and an all-around feel good video to watch about a girl and her cow.