15 iPad Apps for Your Small Business Website

Let's be honest, my iPad is neat and great for traveling or when I need to get something done in a pinch, but it's not ready for full-time Web Design and it really wasn't made to be. So what happens when I need to tweak my Website and all I have is my iPad? There are apps for that!

Already, there are lots of apps that let you edit Web pages, write blog posts, fix code, start new pages, work on graphics, check stats, and upload the finished pages and files. Not bad at all, and it's only going to get better as developers create new apps and the refine the ones I'm going to tell you about below.

Note: I would suggest getting a mini Bluetooth keyboard if you plan to do anything more than browsing or reading with your iPad. I also bought this portfolio to protect my iPad and to hold a few business cards while at meetings or traveling.

Here are 15 must-have apps to help you tweak your current Website or start a new one with your iPad:

WordPress for iPad

I am a big fan of WordPress -- not just for blogs -- but also to create Websites. If your Website is built with WordPress, you can create or edit posts and pages using your iPad and just update them on the fly. WordPress for your iPad is an all-in-one tool that's a must.

Price: Free | Download It

FTP On The Go

FTP On The Go is the most complete FTP client for an iPad. Browse, upload, and download files (edit them with the built-in editor), then just re-upload your changes. It has a preview browser built-in, too, which is cool (it's what I use).

Price: $6.99 | Download It


Do you have more than one Website to work on? Try Gusto. It has been designed with built-in FTP and can upload and download multiple files for your many sites. Gusto has tabbed editing and built-in local and remote site preview.

Price: $6.99 | Download It


Download, edit, and upload text files such as HTML, CSS, PHP, etc with built-in FTP and view images, like png, jpg, and gif files as well as PDFs and documents right in the app. Markup is well designed and becoming a big favorite of mine.

Price: $9.99 | Download It


A syntax-highlighting HTML Editor with built-in FTP for multiple sites. Upload files to a remote server and test with built-in remote preview, or on your iPad's Safari browser. Still needs some work, but be on the lookout because updates are free.

Price: $6.99 | Download It

for i: Code Editor

Hey coders, check out for i: Code Editor. It has syntax highlighting for many languages, including C, c#, Objective C, Java, HTML, PHP, Ruby, Python, SQL (*) and more and has a built-in Web server.

Price: $9.99 | Download It

Web Page Developer

WPD is a code editor that can open up 10 pages at a time. Open images and save them to your iPad and split screen your Website so you can tweak and see the changes as you edit them. Definitely one to keep your eye on.

Price: $5.99 | Download It


For less than the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks (a mere four bucks), get a super nice photo editing suite for your iPad. Resize, crop, create text boxes, sharpen, color modify and more. Upload your edited photos directly to Facebook, Twitter, email, or save them to your iPad. This is the one photo app you must have.

Price $3.99 | Download It


Think of Dropbox as a remote hard drive you can share with others. Share your images, videos, presentations, web pages, etc. with others as you create and work on them. It's a great way to collaborate while you are on the road or at home. Requires a Dropbox account but it's free for 2 GB.

Price: Free | Download It

Source Viewer XL

Source Viewer shows the HTML, CSS, and Javascript source code for any Website by typing the URL. It also collects images from Web pages which can be viewed separately. You can also copy and paste code to a clipboard.

Price: $1.99 | Download It

Font Displayer

Test fonts in different sizes, layouts and settings so you can see what you like for your Website. The application lets you modify font family, size, background color, and more. Drawback: You can't get the HTML code for the font to copy and paste into your pages.

Price: Free | Download It

Color RGB

Want to figure out what color you need for a Website background or font? Color RGB makes it easy to find the RGB values, hue, and the HTML Hex code of any color. Great little app that doesn't cost a dime.

Price: Free | Download It

Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is my digital napkin. Sketch design concepts while sitting in a cafe, or capture and store color themes while browsing through photos on your iPad. You can email ideas as PDF files for editing in Adobe Photoshop or for viewing with any PDF viewer, too.

Price: Free | Download It


One of my favorite iPad apps. For $1, your iPad can multi-task (if you didn't know ... it can't out of the box). I use it to open Websites in the top half and notepad in the bottom half and take notes about them for reviews. It also has a voice recorder, dictionary, maps, calculator, and more. I can't wait until they add even more features.

Price: .99 | Download It

Analytics HD

The best Google Analytics app for your iPad. Fifty-five different reports that fit your iPad like a glove. Analytics HD supports multiple logins and multiple accounts, too. Great for all the metric and stats junkies out there.

Price: $6.99 | Download It

If you know of more iPad apps for Web design or graphics, please share them.

While you're at it... what does your Website look like on an iPad anyway? Go to iPad Peek and change the url to yours to have a look. One thing to remember about an iPad is that it has landscape and portrait modes so when you rotate it, the page orientation changes. Your Website will look normal if it's designed for a 1024 x 768 resolution but if its not, the iPad will scale the site down and offer a magnifying glass to blow it up. Keep in mind that iPads don't support flash. If you have a flash Website or flash elements, you can create an iPad-friendly page or site and use this Javascript on the page to redirect visitors to a non-Flash version:

<script type="text/javascript">
        if ( (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPad') != -1)) {
               document.location = "http://www.rackspace.com/ipad/";
Think your business Website sucks? Submit the url for your company's Website here. I'll critique the design and offer tips on how to make it better.

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