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14 Strangest Beauty Treatments You Won't Believe

Priscilla Russo has had a little lip work. (Personal Photo) Personal Photo

(CBS) Did you think lower rib removal went out of style in Queen Victoria's reign?

Think again, some people still go to extreme surgical measures for the coveted hour-glass shape.

Does using a straight iron to burn a formaldehyde solution into your hair seem a little unnatural, not to mention dangerous?

PICTURES: 14 Most Shocking Beauty Treatments

How about bleaching your breach? Or surgically tightening your scrotum?

Never heard of it?

Check out these 14 totally strange beauty treatments: some are dangerous, others are medically ill advised, and the rest are just out of this world. But the addag holds true - beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

PICTURES: 14 Most Shocking Beauty Treatments

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