14-foot python discovered in Florida shed eating cat skull

A man working at a home in Hialeah, Fla., made a scary discovery Sunday when he found a 14-foot snake in the back of a shed.

Miami-Dade Venom Unit responded and removed the snake away in a laundry bag. It took several people to carry the snake out.

An official with the unit said the yellow and white snake was a Burmese python weighing approximately 100 pounds.

The snake had most likely been in the shed for a while as a shedded snake skin was found alongside it.

"Apparently there's a couple of rabbits and a cat missing from the neighborhood recently so the snake may be to blame for that," said a Miami-Dade Venom Unit official.

The man who discovered the snake said it was eating a cat's skull when he found it.

Officials believe the python is someone's escaped pet. No details where available as to where the snake was being taken to next.