13-year-old girl busts a move spinning on a can

(CBS News) It's been a while since we last highlighted some serious dance moves on display. So I'd say it's high time we correct that oversight and show you something impressive to make up for it. Like a 13-year-old girl busting some serious moves by spinning on a soda can, for instance...

The incredible display of balance and skill features teen dancer "Spinderella" and was posted by Chi-Town Finest Breakers (aka CTFB Crew) who write:

She has the world record for longest consecutive head spins for 15min straight!! Amazing young talent she is only 13!!!
You won't hear me say otherwise - "Spinderella" is seriously incredible at such a very young age! And if you'd like to check out even more phenomenal moves by her or the CTFB Crewdefinitely be sure to check out the YouTube page for Chi-Town Finest Breakers by clicking here.