13 Business-Blog Mistakes You're Making -- and How to Fix Them

Last Updated Jan 11, 2011 2:45 PM EST

When it comes to marketing you, your company, and/or your services, it's hard to beat a blog. There's no cheaper, easier, or more effective tool for establishing open communication between you and your customers.

Just one problem: You're doing it wrong. Perhaps you're not updating it often enough, or providing the kind of information customers value. If your blog just isn't having the kind of impact you hoped it would, check out HubSpot's 13 Business Blogging Mistakes & Their Easy Fixes.

This free e-book outlines 13 marketing-specific blog boo-boos, explaining why each one is harmful and what you can do to remedy it. Mistake #1: not integrating your blog with your main Web site, which limits its SEO "juice":

One of the biggest benefits of business blogging is its impact on search engine optimization. Because each new blog article you publish creates a new web page that can be indexed in search engines to help you get found online, you really want your business blog to be associated with your main website. That way, any SEO juice you generate from your blog will automatically benefit your corporate website as well. Hosting your blog on a free platform's URL like companyblog.wordpress.com will only guarantee that the SEO credit you've built gets applied to the blogging platform, not your own website.
There's a lot of good information here, so if you're looking to improve your blog's visibility and effectiveness, I highly recommend this 32-page guide.

As noted, it's free, though you do have to complete a short form to get it.

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