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100 Per Cent 98 Degrees

The singing group 98 Degrees has been heating up the chart with its latest CD, Revelation. The boys visited The Early Show Friday to sing a song and talk to Entertainment Reporter Mark McEwen.

The first hit from their new CD, Give Me Just One Night, is a song that the boys liked right away. "We though, 'Wow! What a great, sexy, up-tempo vibe.' Kind of thing we were looking for," says Justin Jeffre.

They co-wrote 11 of the 13 songs. How does that work? Do they throw the boys in one room to fight until they come out with the songs?

"It works a couple of ways," says Jeff Timmons. "We write songs on our own. Whatever you can bring to the table. There's no real set formula."

Nick Lachey's girlfriend is pop star Jessica Simpson, who helped him write the song My Everything.

"Starting to create that song was just thinking about her and everything she means to me in my life," Nick explains. "We wanted to write a song that applied to a romantic relationship, but also what could be a spiritual relationship or a parent/child relationship. So that's kind of where My Everything came from."

How do Nick and Jessica maintain their relationship in the glare of the spotlight?

"Try to be real and don't put up any facades... We try to be honest and real," Nick says. "You definitely don't live your life for the press or for the
public. You have to do it for yourself. Try to live your life the way you want to, come what may."

And what makes 98 Degrees stand apart from the other boy singing groups?

"I think the sound speaks for itself," says Drew Lachey. "You listen to our songs and the songs the other boy bands -- there's an obvious difference. Our blend is a lot more mature. Our lyrical content is different. I think the music is the main
separating factor with us and the other pop boy bands."

Just before the boys performed My Everything, McEwen asked each of them: Who is your everything?

Their answers:

Drew: "My wife."

Justin: "My grandma."

Nick: "Jessica."

Jeff: "My daughter, Alisa."