100 Drunk Women and a Male Stripper Walk Into a Fundraiser...

100 Drunk Women and a Male Stripper Walk Into a Fund Raiser...

NANAIMO, B.C. (CBS) What happens when you mix alcohol, 100 excited women and one male stripper? Well, if one of those women dares to block the view of another woman and then refuses to move, you get an all-out hair-pulling, cat-scratching brawl, that's what.

British Columbia police said that when officers responded to a call of an assault Friday night at Nanaimo's Cavallotti Lodge, they found "between 100 and 150 drunk women" on the premises, watching an exotic male dancer as part of a fundraiser for the lodge, according to the Calgary Herald.

So what got these civic minded women all riled up?

One witness, who declined to give her name, says it all started when one over-eager spectator stood on her chair to get a better look at the male stripper who dresses as a - wait for it - cop.

The Herald reported that the witness said the woman sitting directly behind the one who stood up asked her to sit down - upon which the woman who was standing took a swipe at her.

"She really scratched her on her face," the witness told the paper.

Again, you lose points for lack of originality, Canada.

Nanaimo Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman Const. Gary O'Brien said that officers arrested five people believed to be involved in the melee.

But wait - is that a reasonable voice I hear?

"They were drunk, it was an alcohol-fueled incident and there was no real victim," said O'Brien, adding that he didn't anticipate charges being brought against anyone involved. "However, we will be following up with [the lodge] because their patrons were extremely intoxicated and we need to warn them about the dangers of over-serving liquor."

O'Brien said the incident has been documented and police know the names of all the women who were involved.

So, women of Nanaimo, you have been warned.