100 Best Business Books for a Do-It-Yourself MBA

Last Updated Mar 22, 2010 10:53 AM EDT

Kevin Kelly's do-it-yourself MBAMost business books aren't worth the cover price. Some offer platitudes, some are just an article's worth of material padded out to book length, and some are just not up your alley. Still, the best business books can be of immense help to a career newbie looking to educate herself without shelling out for another degree, so how do you separate the outstanding from the unexceptional? Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired and all-around smart guy, offers a solution on his well-named blog Cool Tools.
Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten, two guys who sell biz books, seem to have read all of the ones in print, and they have done the world a favor by selecting the 100 best business books ever, and then packing summaries of them all into one meta-book. If all you want is their list, you can go to their website and check it out. But their book is much better than a simple list, and their list is better than most. The two have reviewed, abstracted, and compared all the best 100 in the context of thousands of similar books, unlike say your average Amazon reviewer who may have only read one other business book in his or her life.
Covert and Sattersten's list includes classics like Good to Great, and Purple Cow, but also offers unexpected suggestions and excellent older titles you may have overlooked. "If you took their list and read all 100 books you'd get a better MBA than any university would give you, at a fraction of the cost," Kelly concludes.

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