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10 ways to burn off that pumpkin pie

(MoneyWatch) Even if you're good about your diet, there are just more opportunities for eating during the holidays. And let's face it: You don't want to pass up all the treats.

But that doesn't mean you have to look like Santa come January. If calories in equals calories out, then more calories coming in means you need to have more calories going out over the next six weeks or so to avoid gaining weight. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to fit more movement into your life, in addition to your regularly scheduled workouts, even during the holiday crunch.

1. Try a walking meeting. If your meeting involves four or fewer people, and you don't need to follow slides closely, go for a walk instead. You don't need to go fast. But it's better than sitting and drinking a soda during that hour.

2. Pace while on the phone. Get a headset and roam the halls. Or just stand up in your cubicle and move around.

3. Park somewhere else. Leave the nearby parking spots for people who need them, and enjoy a brisk walk outside on your way into work (and on your way home) or into the shopping mall.

4. Run office errands. Be the person who fetches new supplies for your department from the closet, or who grabs silverware from the cafeteria when someone brings in food. Not only will you move more, you'll earn your colleagues' gratitude.

5. Do plank poses while waiting for food to heat up in the microwave. At home at least. At work, you can stretch or walk the halls.

6. Take the stairs. Once that becomes a habit, try taking them faster.

7. Play outside with your kids for 20 minutes when you get home. Even if it's dark and cold, the fresh air will make everyone happier.

8. Rake your own leaves. Retire the leaf blower and save the outsourcing budget for something less pleasant (like cleaning the kitchen).

9. Skip the hotel breakfast. Ask for directions to a coffee shop nearby and score more exercise (and a cheaper meal).

10. Don't sit too long. A little TV is nice but turning it off and going to bed on time increases the chances that you'll be able to get up on time in the morning (and maybe get a work out in).

How do you burn off the extra calories during the holidays?

Photo courtesy flickr user browniesfordinner