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10 Signs Your HR Department Has Been Taken Over By Zombies

Halloween is the best holiday of the year. There are no family obligations, no special meals with complicated instruction and lots and lots of candy. And also, Zombies. So, it's highly possible that your Human Resources department has been taken over by these Zombies. (For some reason, I feel that Zombies should be capitalized. I think this is because I don't want to offend them.)

Here are 10 signs that your HR department has been taken over by Zombies.

  • When you get your open enrollment form, there are only questions about how fresh your brain is.
  • Instead of making annual, measurable performance goals, you have performance ghouls. (From Twitter user librarymary40.)
  • Exit interviews no longer take place in the HR office but in an out-of-the-way warehouse. (From blogger commenter Dani.)
  • Ever since your company initiated that intern program for students from all over the world, your HR rep has been over the moon about international cuisine. (From blogger commenter Dani.)
  • They are always offering training classes guaranteed to "expand your brain."
  • Casual Friday dress code includes blood. (From Twitter user librarymary40.)
  • People always seem to "quit" while they are on "business trips" and you never see them again.
  • Core business hours are changed from 9:00 to 5:00 to Dusk to Dawn.
  • When searching for top talent, recruiters pay special attention to braaaaains. (From Twitter user trudyrushforth.)
  • When death (yours) is no longer an acceptable reason for absence.
    What other signs are there that Zombies have taken over? Add them to comments or tweet them with hashtag #HRZombies. And in the meantime, watch out for brain eating HR reps tonight while you're eating all that candy. Happy Halloween!

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