10 Most Popular College Blogs Posts of 2010

With the new year just beginning, I wanted to share The College Solution's 10 most popular college blog posts for 2010.Roll of $100 bills
When I look back at the stats, visitors to my college blog were most interested in lucrative careers and grade point averages. Here are the links to the 10 most popular college blog posts last year:

1. Top 20 Best-Paying College Degrees in 2010

The college degrees that lead to the highest salaries all involve high-level math with engineering degrees dominating.

2. The Best and Worst College Degrees by Salary

Business, which is by far the most popular college degree in the U.S., isn't on the list of the top 20 best-paying college degrees. Business was No. 35. The lowest-paying major: social work.

3. 10 Hottest Careers in America

You don't necessarily need a graduate degree to purse the hottest jobs. You may just need some university extension classes.

4. Grade Inflation: Colleges with the Easiest and Hardest Grades

Here's a list of colleges and universities with the toughest grading and you'll discover what type of schools tend to give the easiest grades. Professors at elite universities tend to be easier graders.

5. Guess Who is the Dumbest Generation?

I've generated close to 300 comments on this post. Click on the link to discover who is the dumbest generation.

6. 5 Hardest and Easiest College Majors by GPA's

Math and science majors struggle the most getting good grade point averages.

7. 25 Colleges With the Best Professors

While you'll see names of some prominent schools on this list of the best professors, you've probably never heard of most of the institutions.

8. 20 Colleges With the Worst-Paying College Degrees in 2010

College degrees that involve working with children are among the worst-paying college degrees.

9. 25 Colleges With the Worst Professors

Two service academies head the list of the schools with the worst professors and some engineering schools don't do well either.

10. 20 Facts About College Freshmen

This list gives you a sense of the world in which college freshmen live.

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