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10 More Great Christmas Gifts That Won't Cost You a Dime!

Last week I wrote a popular column titled 10 Free Christmas Gifts That Won't Cost You a Dime! I received so much feedback (some of it was even positive!), that I've come up with 10 more! Here they are:

  1. Post-Christmas clean up. If you didn't get your sap and needles fix this year, give the gift of clean up. Take down the tree, lights, and ornaments. Be sure to kick them out of the house so when they return everything has been put away.
  2. Magazines. Has your subscription to Needlepoint Now exceeded your cross stitching phase? Give the remainder of your unwanted magazine subscriptions to friends.
  3. Summarize your favorite books. This is a technique I call plagiarism with a bow. Take some of your favorite business or non-fiction books and create your own Cliff's Notes version. This is a great gift that can be shared with several friends.
  4. Raise money for charity. Help me help others. Find out which charity your friends support and offer to try to help raise money for it. If you're unsure which charity to recommend, allow me to suggest mine (Band of Brothers Foundation)!
  5. Accountability partner. This is when your nagging can really pay off. How would you like to have a weekly or monthly call with a good friend where you share your goals and what you're doing to reach them? It's a great way to stay on track and a great gift.
  6. Blog. Selling out version 1.0. If you have a popular blog or lots of Facebook friends, you could give the gift of promotion. Offer to write a piece about them or their company.
  7. Pitch their business. Selling out version 2.0. Do you have people on your list that have their own business? Maybe a CPA or someone who makes jewelry in the other 8 hours? If you like their work, offer to send an email or make a call to all of your friends about their business. It might lead to more business and you're helping your friends find a great product or service.
  8. Be a matchmaker. If you're not satisfied with just observing drama and would like to create some, this gift idea is for you. Whether your friends are seeking love or business, you're bound to have people in your network that they should meet. Offer to make connections - they'll love you for it (and then they'll blame you for it)!
  9. Garage sale. Offer to host a garage sale. Have everyone on your list bring over their stuff and sell it for them. Use color-coded price tags to easily track the accounts. Bonus: you can sell some of the less favorable gifts you receive over the holidays as well.
  10. Create a calendar. Give the gift that lasts all year. Take photos and create a fun calendar on your computer for all your friends and family.

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