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Yearbook To Include Memorial To Suicide Victim After All

MENAHGA, Minn. (WCCO) -- The Menahga school board has decided to allow a memorial page to be published in this year's high school yearbook.

However, the yearbook will go to print without a picture of one student's newborn baby.

Kyle Kenyon would've been a senior at Menahga High School this year, and many students wanted to include a page to honor his memory.

But it seemed that wouldn't happen after the school had a conversation with mental health experts over his death.

"It was recommended that we don't do a memory page," Menahga superintendent Mary Klamm said earlier this year.

About 100 classmates signed a petition to get that memorial page. And now the School Board recently voted to allow a memorial page for Kenyon.

At the same time as the conversation was ongoing over Kenyon's page, teenage mother Stephanie Myers was trying to get her senior photo with her baby in the same yearbook.

Though there is was no policy in place, school officials nixed the photo. Klamm showed WCCO previous yearbooks where senior photos were taken alone.

The school principal said that issue was dropped and didn't ever come back up, so the school board didn't even consider running a picture of Myers with her baby.

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