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Why does it snow in March?

Why does it snow in March?
Why does it snow in March? 02:28

MINNEAPOLIS — If you thought spring has sprung, think again. 

Some call March Minnesota's second winter, but why do we often see a measurable snow storm in the month of March? Good Question.

Whether you love it or are over it, winter isn't done with us yet.

Pete Boulay is a climatologist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

"The normal precipitation in March is about double February, so you always have the potential to get a big snow storm in March," Boulay said.

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We're tapping into moisture coming up from the gulf this time of year, making spring snow often wet and heavier.

A woman uses a snowblower to clear the sidewalk during a heavy snowstorm in Saint Paul, Minnesota, on February 22, 2022. KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images

"We're in a transition period right now, so the jet stream starts to move north," Boulay said.

The largest March snow storm dumped 16.7 inches in 1985.

"There was one month where we had no snow in March and that was in 2010 when we had zero," Boulay said.

March used to be the snowiest month in the Twin Cities, but now it is December. March takes fourth place, averaging 8.2 inches between 1991 and 2020.

"April over time has been creeping up with higher snowfall totals. It's interesting, it's just kind of skipped over March," Boulay said.

The latest big snow ever seen in the Twin Cities was on May 20, 1892.

The good news? Whatever spring snow we get will melt faster under the stronger sun.

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