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What would you change to improve the Minnesota State Fair? Reddit has some ideas

O'Gara's, Afro Deli, Union Hmong Kitchen are named among State Fair's best this year
O'Gara's, Afro Deli, Union Hmong Kitchen are named among State Fair's best this year 03:15

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. — Few among us would contest the Minnesota State Fair's status as the Great Minnesota Get-Together, or be so boldly un-Minnesotan as to suggest that things aren't peachy keen there.

As we wind up on the last few days of the 2023 State Fair — and memories of the new foods fade from our collective gut — some at Reddit wondered whether there might still be room for improvement.

The question was posed by user dawgdaddy1 Thursday afternoon.

"Don't get it twisted, MN has the nation's best state fair and I absolutely love it. But, how could we make it even better?" they asked.

Reddit users had plenty of suggestions, including more access to water filling stations, more water misters for the hot days ahead, and an overhaul of how the fair keeps the interiors of its buildings cool. Some also suggested planting more trees, especially at the newer areas such as the West End, which was recently remodeled.

Another user, queenswake, suggested a different venue for displaying crop art winners.

"Crop art needs to be displayed in a better manner allowing less of a single line that shuffles past. It grows in popularity every year and the line just grows longer," they said.

Another common request was to make the fair last longer, at least 16 days. On a possibly related note, some also requested the option to purchase a season pass.

Other suggestions were a little more fanciful, such as the following ideas:

  • "Lazy river that winds through the whole thing." — _nocturnal_
  • "Every day starts with an official beer mile race. 12 day long tournament, championship is on Labor Day." — scmusicband
  • "Since there's no available land to expand outward, just add a 2nd level." — whollyguac
  • "I wanna taste those plants from the ag building. Lemme taste those peppers." — fren-ulum
  • "I think it would be fun if it never closed for the 12 days. 288 hours straight." — Top_Gun_2021
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