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Walleye Tacos Recipe

Executive Chef Kris Koch's

serves 3-4 people

Quick Pickled Cabbage

-- 2 c. cabbage cut thin or grated

-- 1 c. carrot cut thin or grated

-- 2 c. cider vinegar (warmed)

-- 1 T. sugar or honey

Combine all ingredients and set aside.

Cilantro Lime Sour Cream

-- 2 c. sour cream

-- ½ bunch cilantro chopped

-- 1 lime juiced & zest

Mix together in a bowl.


-- 1 small bunch of fresh mint leaves picked off the stem

-- ½ bunch of fresh cilantro leaves picked off the stem

-- 1 package of corn or flour tortillas (I prefer the texture of the corn)

On a dinner plate place a small amount of water and oil. Double up the corn tortillas -- dip in the oil/water mixture. In a sauté pan, sear tortillas on each side until golden brown.

Spice Mix for Walleye

-- 1 T. salt

-- 1 T. paprika

-- 1 T. dried oregano

-- 1 T. cayenne powder

-- 1 T. ground black pepper

2 lbs. of fresh walleye (remove any bones)

-- Dust fish in spice mix

-- Heat skillet with neutral oil

Sear fish on each side for 3-4 minutes; reduce heat if needed to not burn the fish.

You can either plate the fish and serve family-style or assemble the tacos.

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