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Video shows young kids joyriding in stolen car in Minneapolis

Six kids caught by police for driving in stolen car in Minneapolis
Six kids caught by police for driving in stolen car in Minneapolis 02:19

MINNEAPOLIS — A video of six kids — some only 12 years old — riding around in a stolen car is making the rounds on social media.

They were involved in a police chase after firing shots near Brooklyn Center High School.

The boys were eventually caught in Minneapolis. Police found two guns inside the car.

Six kids ages 12 to 17 in a car cruising north Minneapolis. A watchful adult pulling alongside them asking them to do the right thing.  

According to Brooklyn Center police, the car was involved in multiple armed robberies in neighboring cities. It eventually crashed in north Minneapolis. 

Six kids were arrested and two guns recovered. 

"I was sickened and I was frustrated," said Joanna Lauber.

Lauber is a mother who lives in north Minneapolis.

"I asked for help last June when he first was arrested and in trouble," Lauber said.

She too has a son who was involved in serious crimes. 

"What do we do? What do we do? What do we do with these kids? And everybody is tired," Lauber said.

WCCO asked Hennepin County what happened to the kids after they were arrested and transported to Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center.

The county cited a state statute that says the records of juvenile delinquency cases are private.

"We can't find about the juveniles. The juveniles are the ones out here committing these violent crimes, " Lauber said.

Lauber believes not knowing where the offenders are puts everyone who drives in north Minneapolis at risk.

"You have to stop at every intersection, whether you have a red light or a stop sign, and you have to look to see what is coming, " Lauber said.

She believes in accountability. Her 16-year-old was involved in at least two serious crimes is now paying his debt to society. 

"A very serious, serious crime that he was charged with and that he did take a deal for and is currently in Red Wing, " Lauber said.

She says she did not know about community groups that could help until her son was in too deep. 

"I reached out to Lisa Clemons with A Mother's Love. She in turn gave me the phone number and name of Bridget Stuart with Minnesota Agape Movement. Bridget was wonderful, she actually came to court, " Lauber said.

Her advice for parents of the kids arrested last week: If you see your kid hanging around a rough crowd, reach out for help. 

"You need to get help. There has to be a village to help take care of these kids, "Lauber said.

Lauber said your child could have a two-parent household and a good upbringing, but yet because of the environment they could be dealing with trauma and in need of help. Parents need to make sure their kids get what they need to stay out of trouble, she said.

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