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Tupperware moves from living rooms to Target stores

Introverts in need of Tupperware rejoice: You no longer have to attend a potentially awkward social gathering to obtain some of the iconic plastic food storage containers. 

Starting this week, the brand known for getting into American kitchens via Tupperware parties for the past 76 years is being sold online and nationwide at Target stores across the country, Miguel Fernandez, CEO of Tupperware Brands, said Monday in a post on LinkedIn.

"Customers who already love Tupperware parties — whether in-person or online — will now also be able to pick out their favorite essential food storage options at a store nearby," wrote Fernandez in touting the company "officially entering retail in the U.S. with the availability of Tupperware products in Target."

The scenario is a replay of sorts from 20 years ago, before Fernandez joined the direct-marketing company. Orlando, Florida-based Tupperware and Target in October of 2002 announced the plastic containers would be sold at all Target stores.

The Tupperware Heritage collection now available at Target in the U.S. Tupperware Brands

While that plan seemingly fizzled out, Tupperware's latest retail foray is being embraced by investors, with shares of the company up 9.3%, or 60 cents, at $7.05 in Tuesday afternoon trading. Target rose 3%, or $4.48, to trade at $156.26 a share.

A spokesperson for Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Target on Wednesday confirmed in an email that the retailer is now selling an exclusive line of Tupperware, offering 15 items in four different colors and ranging in price from $7.99 to $79.99.

Tupperware enjoyed a resurgence in sales and popularity in 2020 as coronavirus-wary Americans forewent eating out and rediscovered home cooking.

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