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Plymouth Road Crews Make Room On Snowy Streets

It keeps piling up, and with these cold temperatures, the snow isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In the City of Plymouth, it's causing safety concerns for drivers.

People backing out of driveways and turning corners say they're using extra caution due to lack of visibility.

"If you drive around fast enough you could hit someone," Dave Fraser from Plymouth said. "The snow piles get high and you can't see around corners, unless you goose-neck your head around the corner."

This entire week, street crews in Plymouth will address the problems. Snowplow drivers say the issue they're dealing with is lack of room on the roads to put snow. Piles of plowed snow along city streets known as "wind rows" have become so high they're falling back onto streets.

"When we come out and plow the wind rows the snow basically goes over the blade and comes right back down behind it," said Torrey Keith, with the Plymouth street department. "The roads are narrowing down."

Now, Keith and his crew are using snow plows to push back the wind rows four feet from the streets and they're using a lifted plow blade to severe the tops of the piles.

Doing this meticulous work will ensure that snow will pile up along the streets.

Keith says it's been challenging winter so far.

"As of this date, we've doubled our events and call-outs," Keith said.

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