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Plymouth Middle School Temporarily Locked Down Friday Due To Threat Deemed Not Credible

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Plymouth Middle School was locked down temporarily Friday while an investigation looked into a "threatening message" discovered in the school.

According to a statement shared with families of students, school officials said the threatening message was discovered inside a bathroom just after 11 a.m.

The school worked with police and the threat was deemed not credible.

Earlier Friday morning, several schools in Minnesota decided to cancel classes following social media threats.

The principal of the school, Cheri Kulland, issued a letter, saying they will "never take any threat lightly."

This morning when school administrators discovered a threatening message, we implemented a lockdown and asked police to investigate. Plymouth police brought in a bomb-sniffing dog as part of the investigation and ultimately confirmed the threat was not credible.

However, it is likely that the incident may have caused anxiety, fear and stress for our students, families, and staff. I am very sorry if that is the case. Our school psychologist and counselors will be available to speak with students after the break. Or if needed, please contact your health care provider for resources for your child.

We need to heal from this trauma, and the two weeks of break will help. We also need your help as adults to help our students feel safe and secure in our school.

Please take time to talk with your students today or over winter break about the seriousness of making threats or using threatening language in a school setting or on social media. We want to emphasize that making threats in school and/or on social media can have real-life consequences, including suspension and criminal charges. We will follow our discipline procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook.

In addition, students are often aware of situations before adults are, so please remind your child to report concerns to a trusted adult.

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