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More lanes of flooded Highway 10 reopen in north-central Minnesota

More Hwy. 10 lanes reopen after flooding
More Hwy. 10 lanes reopen after flooding 00:21

MINNEAPOLIS -- A section of Highway 10 in north-central Minnesota reopened this weekend after being flooded following heavy rains earlier this week. 

The Minnesota Department of Transportation said both eastbound lanes and one westbound lane of Highway 10 have reopened in Morrison County as of Sunday between Motley and Little Falls. The other westbound lane is still closed due to high water.

The flooding followed a deluge Thursday night, when weather observers say storms dropped more than a foot of rain in parts of north-central Minnesota. On Friday, some homes in Randall near the Little Elk River had to be evacuated. 

The heavy rainfall overwhelmed storm drains, causing flooding on many area roads. Highway 10 was among them, and a five-mile stretch of the highway was submerged between Randall and Cushing. 

Transportation officials advise driver to take it easy on that stretch, go slow and follow the instructions on road signs.

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