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Nikki Haley hopes to win over Minnesota Republicans ahead of Super Tuesday

Nikki Haley tries to appeal Minnesota Republicans
Nikki Haley tries to appeal Minnesota Republicans 02:26

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Minnesota voters will be among those deciding candidates for the November election on Super Tuesday and Republican Nikki Haley is hoping to win them over. 

She brought her campaign to Bloomington Monday after a landslide loss to former President Donald Trump in South Carolina — Haley's home state.

Criticized for failing to go after Trump, Haley came out swinging.

"At no point is he talking about the lawlessness in our cities, and at no point is he talking about what he is going to do about the wars around the world. All he is doing is talking about himself," she said.

Haley says fiscal responsibility would be her top priority.

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Haley appealed to Minnesota Republicans' independent streak, something she also stressed in a one-on-one interview with WCCO.

"Look at what's happened in Minnesota since Donald Trump because president. Things started to fall apart in Minnesota," Haley said. "You no longer have the state House, you no longer have the state Senate. You look at the law and look at the high taxes, everything that's happening is because suburban voters stopped voting."

But Haley will have to do more than just do well in one state, 16 states and territories are holding presidential contests on Super Tuesday, with more than one-third of all delegates for the Republican nomination are up for grabs.

Minnesota Democrat Dean Phillips floated a potential unity ticket with Haley over the weekend. On Monday, Haley said she "appreciated the thought... But her focus is running in the Republican primary."

The next presidential contest is Tuesday's Michigan primary. Former president Trump has a 90-delegate lead in the race — 1,215 is needed to secure the candidacy. 

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