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Minnesotans soak up above average spring warmth

Twin Cities residents are out and about enjoying the warmer temperatures
Twin Cities residents are out and about enjoying the warmer temperatures 01:34

MINNEAPOLIS — When it comes to warm days like Friday, there may be no two bigger fans than Anne Harvey's pups Lou and Leland.

The three played fetch at Lake Harriet, but not before a little tug of war over the stick.

"It's their favorite thing. They just love getting in the lake as much as they can," said Harvey.

Harvey said she will take this weather, over the summers in her former home.

"We were living in Texas for four years and I can't do 115-degree summers anymore, so I'm pretty happy with anything that's not that,' said Harvey.

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While thermometers may read low 80s in cities like Minneapolis, water temperatures still have a little catching up to do.

"Cold at first," said St. Paul native Jonah Brumbach.

 "It feels nice once you get used to it," said Mia Brisbin, also from St. Paul.

Al and Carley Watts are enjoying the weather with their 2-year-old grandson, Alec.

"We got to spend the day with him and promised him we'd go to the park and have some popcorn," said Al Watts.

The Twin Cities' above-average temperatures Friday continue a spring trend. April was about two degrees above average, while May, so far, has been doubled at four degrees above average.

Minnesotans know, when we have days like this, you must take advantage.    

"Get out and enjoy it as much as you can," said Harvey.

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