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Minnesota PWHL fans stay hopeful after championship-winning goal overturned in double overtime

PWHL Minnesota-Boston series now down to the wire
PWHL Minnesota-Boston series now down to the wire 01:51

ST. PAUL, Minn. — A heartbreaking moment for Minnesota PWHL fans Sunday night, when the championship-winning goal was overturned in double overtime at the Xcel Energy Center.

Minnesota had to gather themselves and their gear and get back to the game. Boston scored a few minutes later. The deciding Game 5 now moves to their rink.

It was a moment that devastated 12-year-old Evelyn Schwartz, of Chaska. Her dad filmed her reaction, which was something every Minnesota sports fan can relate to.

"I could see it in [the team's] faces. Everyone was so disappointed, I was like, 'You're breaking their hearts! They're all happy and you just ruined it for them!''' said Schwartz.

Evelyn used to play hockey herself, and Sunday night was her first PWHL hockey game. It's a moment not lost on her.

"It's just really cool to see them play, and inspiring to see women play hockey," said Schwartz.

The Skelly family from Lakeville also witnessed the highs and lows of that game on Sunday night.

"It was disheartening to see [the goal] overturned. I think it was the right call, but it was still really hard to see," said Megan Skelly Payne.

However, the bigger emotions come from a place bigger than the game.

"To have women, acknowledged as a team, it was fantastic," said Rita Skelly, Megan's mom.

"II was overcome by the amount of people who were watching women's hockey," said Skelly Payne. 

To focus more on those feelings, instead of the loss, the Skelly family stopped by A Bar of Their Own in Minneapolis after the game, when someone special walked through the doors.

"Being able to meet Billie Jean King, shake her hand, and how much humility she had with every patron in A Bar of Their Own, put things into perspective. It's so much more than one game. It's really the growth of women's sports," said Skelly Payne.

While Minnesota sports fans are used to heartbreak, they are also good at staying hopeful.

"We had so many good shots, if the puck would have just gone a little bit closer and aimed to the corner of the net, it would have gone in, so I think they have a really good chance to win it on Wednesday," said Schwartz.

Minnesota and Boston will meet again in the final, and deciding, Game 5 of the PWHL Championships on Wednesday. Puck drop in Boston is at 6 p.m. central time.

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