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Local Muslim leaders say Biden will lose Muslim votes with no ceasefire

Minnesota's Muslim leaders say Biden will lose support over stance on Israel-Hamas war
Minnesota's Muslim leaders say Biden will lose support over stance on Israel-Hamas war 02:08

MINNEAPOLIS — Just over a dozen local Muslim community leaders gathered outside the federal courthouse Wednesday morning, saying they're keeping their word.

They said President Biden declined their request, made ahead of his visit to Minnesota, to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

"This community stands on the side of life, we stand on the side of peace, we stand on the side of recognizing humanity of Palestinian children," said community leader Jaylani Hussein. "We cannot ever elect a president who refuses to recognize the children of Gaza, who refuses to recognize the war and what is happening right now."

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Muslims have historically voted overwhelmingly for Democrats, Hussein said. Yet, he claims more than 50,000 Muslim voters will not be voting for Biden, and that even non-Muslims will do the same.

Hussein also said 66 Muslim leaders across the country have joined their call to not vote for President Biden next year.

The president is in Minnesota Wednesday to tout his administration's support for rural communities, with several other protests planned.  

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During his address in Northfield, the President said the country is committed to getting aid into Gaza, but did not address a possible ceasefire.

"I am here today as a Palestinian American who just found out yesterday that we had five members of our family massacred due to an Israeli airstrike," said Taher Herzallah.

Those at the press conference called it hypocritical to support Ukraine without supporting those in Gaza.

They said the situation is only getting worse, and that the President is no longer welcome in the state.

"The Biden team and the campaign is severely underestimating the outrage that our community has," said Herzallah.

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Jaylani Hussein WCCO

CBS News reports that, for the first time since the conflict began, some Palestinians are being evacuated from Gaza. Ambulances carried injured Palestinians across the border into Egypt for treatment Wednesday morning. Hundreds of foreign passport holders were also permitted to cross through the gate.

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Qatar brokered the deal between Egypt, Israel, and Hamas. This comes as Israel intensifies its attacks in Gaza.

Israel Defense Force missiles hit a densely-populated refugee camp Tuesday. Hamas claims many civilians were killed and injured, while Israel says it targeted and killed a Hamas commander and other militants, and destroyed a tunnel complex.

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