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Minnesota GOP Convention Postponed After Suspected Hacking With Online Voting System

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minnesota Republicans are postponing their state convention because of interference with their online voting system.

Minnesota chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan says right before starting the convention Saturday morning the electronic voting vendor flagged an unusual spike in server activity.

That locked the system and blocked them from starting. They tried again in the afternoon, but had the same issue.

Minnesota GOP leaders then decided to postpone the convention.

Carnahan says the Florida-based electronic voting company "Options Technologies" has never seen this issue before.

No sensitive data was compromised, but Carnahan filed a police report and notified the FBI as there's suspicion this could have been a "potentially malicious" attack.

"There has to be integrity with elections and voting and safety and security around it because that is the whole foundation of America," Carnahan said.

The Minnesota GOP has not yet rescheduled its convention.

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