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Minnesota entrepreneur creates app that connects homeowners with professionals for DIY help

App connects homeowners with professionals to help with DIY projects
App connects homeowners with professionals to help with DIY projects 01:55

MINNEAPOLIS — DIY projects are huge right now but can also cost you more time and money.

Issac Kamsin found himself knee-deep with repairs after buying a home. He was quoted thousands of dollars for a sewer problem, but he turned to a friend for help instead.

"He helped me solve the problem by myself without having to spend thousands of dollars," Kamsin said.

He quickly thought how easy that FaceTime call was and started thinking how he could bring the ease he felt to others. A light bulb went off and he thought, why not develop a product?

The help from his friend Abe Dicks, turned into an app called Abe.

The app tailored for homeowners puts them in touch with a professional that can help with home projects.

"As a homeowner, this is where the issue is the pro is able to see that and can help you on the call," Kamsin said.

Kamsin's goal is to connect professionals in rural communities to homeowners all over.

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Despite not launching publicly yet, he has been onboarding professionals already including Ryan Myers.

Myers lives in Tennessee and specializes in dryer repairs.

With a click of a button, Kamsin was able to write the issue he was having and connect with Myers.

Much like FaceTime, Kamsin showed Myers the make of his dryer and explained the problem, from there Myers was able to tell Kamsin the tools he would need to fix the issue.

Myers believes this collaboration is important for professionals to make extra money while homeowners benefit too.  


"If you want to save money, save time, and learn how to do things yourself, it's absolutely worth it," Myers said.

Though the pros set the price, homeowners can scroll until they find the price, they feel comfortable with.

"Having somebody in my pocket that I knew I can trust that's not trying to upsell me, our incentives align," Kamsin stated.

Kamsin hopes to connect people no matter the distance or project.

"We are building an app for that moment where you feel like you know enough, and you want to keep going but you get stuck and you're like if I can just talk to a person just for a second, I can keep moving," he said.

The app will be available in app stores in a few weeks.

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