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Minnesota has nation's best roads, according to Consumer Affairs analysis

Minnesota has best roads in US, according to Consumer Affairs
Minnesota has best roads in US, according to Consumer Affairs 00:41

MINNEAPOLIS — Consumer Affairs' 2024 edition of "The worst roads in America" features a big Minnesota brag that, for many residents, may induce a mixture of pride and a bit of astonishment.

The consumer news platform ranks Minnesota's roads as best in the nation, describing them as "the smoothest" and "safest," according to data from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration.

"An especially admirable achievement since Minnesota's cold temperatures, significant snowfall and proximity to the Great Lakes create a hazardous set of conditions that can be tough on roads and drivers," writes author Kaz Weida.

Consumer Affairs' analysis, published earlier this month, highlights these key FHA stats on Minnesota roads:

  • Second-lowest fatality rate per mile driven
  • Third-largest span of rural roads in the U.S.
  • Some of the "lowest roughness percentages" for rural and urban U.S. roads
  • Only 3% of urban roads with poor rating
  • Only 5% of urban roads with poor rating
  • $4.284 billion spent annually on improvements
Consumer Affairs

In a statement released Thursday, Democratic Gov. Tim Walz took pride in the report, underling it "didn't happen by accident."

"It reflects our yearslong commitment to improving the safety and quality of our roads. In Minnesota, we take pride in maintaining the infrastructure that builds strong communities, creates jobs, and drives economic growth," Walz said.

In June 2023, Walz signed the largest ever public infrastructure package into law, totaling $2.6 billion, and crafted with bipartisanship at the Capitol.

Earlier this year, WalletHub released a study ranking Minnesota as the 25th best state — and therefore 25th worst — in the nation to drive in, with traffic and congestion as the major factors in its mid-point position.

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