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Minneapolis hit-and-run victim's daughter takes investigation into her own hands

Daughter of hit-and-run victim takes investigation into her own hands
Daughter of hit-and-run victim takes investigation into her own hands 02:11

MINNEAPOLIS — The daughter of a hit-and-run victim said she is now taking matters into her own hands.

In November, a vehicle hit Robert Foster near the 2700 block of Lyndale Avenue while he was riding a scooter.

Foster's daughter, Cara, said the crash left Foster in a medically-induced coma. Now, video discovered by Cara Foster appears to show that crash.

"He gets hit and there's a parked car and he kind of fades into the parked car," said Cara Foster. "They basically like sideswiped him."

Cara Foster can now at least pinpoint where her dad was struck by a vehicle the night of Nov. 5, but plenty of questions remain.

"What we're trying to do right now is trying to find some closure," said Cara Foster.

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Robert Foster is now out of a coma, but he still has trouble walking, needing a cane.

His daughter said he now needs medication to fight off seizures.

"He can't drive, he can't do any of the things that he was used to doing before," said Cara Foster.

The championship-winning dancer and instructor is still coming to grips with his limited mobility.

"That's a huge difference, world of a difference for him. That's also his livelihood," said Cara Foster.

For the last two months, Cara Foster and her father have been going up and down Lyndale for any bit of surveillance video they can get.

They've since found two cameras down the street that show Robert Foster before the crash, and a third, located at Greenleaf Apartments, that actually appears to show the crash.

Cara Foster said she believes it's a white Toyota Highlander with a sunroof with extra edging on the side.

Minneapolis police said an investigator has been working diligently on the case, but that it's still an open investigation.

According to MPD, of the 390 hit-and-run crashes with injuries in 2023, close to 72% remain unsolved.

Minneapolis police said anyone with information about the vehicle, or anyone who was in the area at the time of the crash, should contact them.

"We're going to keep on trying, as long as we have any sort of lead whatsoever." said Cara Foster. "If anybody has anything, we're just asking for some help."

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