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Joshua Dobbs' NASA coworkers say aerospace engineering isn't that different from quarterbacking

Joshua Dobbs' NASA coworkers: Aerospace engineering and quarterbacking aren't so different
Joshua Dobbs' NASA coworkers: Aerospace engineering and quarterbacking aren't so different 01:57

MINNEAPOLIS — With two dazzling performances, Josh Dobbs has launched into favor with Vikings faithful. But not long ago, he was working on a different launch: Interning with NASA and the Artemis Program.

"Josh was immersed in the instrumentation group to measure critical data regarding that mobile launcher and the rocket itself," Scott Colloredo said.

Colloredo is the director of engineering at the Kennedy Space Center, where, in 2020 and 2021, Dobbs was an intern.


"He definitely pulled his weight as an engineer. He showed us some promise. And we'd love to see him again once his career plays out," Colloredo said.

Dobbs' journey between several NFL teams is well documented. During his stint with the Browns, he continued working with NASA at the Glenn Research Center, aiding in outreach, including speaking to students.

"He's really engaging and he's really good at explaining things. Both to football audiences and to engineering and science audiences," Glenn Research Center Communications Director Kristen Parker said.

But Dobbs' full-time job is NFL quarterback. We saw firsthand his ability to study and apply it fast, when he was traded for, then turned around to play hero in a Vikings win just a few days later.

"Being able to prepare and study and make quick decisions based on imperfect data, it actually is a very natural fit, just not all of us are world class athletes," Colloredo said.

"That process of having to critically think, problem solve, and then repeat process and applying multiple principles across different situations does translate between being an engineer and being a quarterback." Dobbs said.

The Vikings were without a starting quarterback when Kirk Cousins was lost for the year. They found an aerospace engineer to solve the problem.

Dobbs plays in his third game as a Viking this Sunday against Denver.

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